Cofund SEED, a new doctoral program

With IMT Atlantique's new doctoral program, supported by the European Union and ten leading industrial and academic partners, 40 doctoral students will benefit from cutting-edge PhD training over the next five years. The innovation-driven program takes an interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and international approach to better support major transformations.

SEED for Societal, Energy, Environmental, industrial and Digital transformations

Ranked among the top 500 universities in the world in THE World University Ranking 2024, IMT Atlantique has established itself as one of France's leading higher education and research establishments thanks to its holistic approach which draws on multiple disciplines, economic sectors and domains.
IMT Atlantique is now launching a new doctoral program: COFUND SEED (Societal, Energy, Environmental, industrial and Digital transitions). SEED is based on two doctoral programs, SPIN-Digital and Engineering Sciences, and 3MG-Matter, Molecules and Materials, in which 300 IMT Atlantique doctoral students are already enrolled.

Recruitment of 40 doctoral students

The Cofund SEED project has a substantial budget of €8 million, half of which is provided by the European Union. Once the thesis topics have been drawn up and the applications processed, the 40 doctoral students selected will join the program in two stages: in September 2024 and September 2025. They will be hosted and supervised by IMT Atlantique teams and their partners: UniSA (University of South Australia), RBS (Rennes School of Business) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel for the academic institutions; Séché Environnement, Segula, Véolia, Enedis, Orano, Engie and Thales for the industrial partners. Other partners are expected to join, according to the thesis topics proposed, and some have already contacted us.

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An interdisciplinary approach

The doctoral program draws on the institution's research expertise and interdisciplinary approach, with cross-sectoral and international thesis topics. The programme includes compulsory mobility with at least 3 months spent outside France and various periods spent working with socio-economic/industrial stakeholders. Cofund SEED will be open to applicants who have spent less than 12 months in France during the 36 months preceding the application deadline (31 January 2024 and 31 January 2025), and who hold a master's degree or equivalent at the time of application, regardless of nationality.
The SEED Cofund program will host thesis topics and doctoral students committed to meeting the challenges of tomorrow and working on the transitions that are important to IMT Atlantique: digital transformation, environmental transformation, industrial transformation, energy transformation, health of the future.

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How do I apply for the SEED programme?

Cofund SEED: training the next generation of scientists

Published on 04.10.2023

by IMT Atlantique