DAhoy: A disaster Week for VUCA decision skills

photo%20Haraldur%20RU%20rsed.jpgThe dynamic nature of today’s world has impacted how situations are addressed and projects are managed.
The abbreviation VUCA stands for situations that are volatile (V),uncertain (U), complex (C) and  ambiguous  (A).  Business  and  industry  sectors  have  recognized  a  growing  need  to
enhance skills that enable them to deal with VUCA situations, i.e. with unexpected scenarios and  events  such  as  financial  crisis,  unstable  software  systems and  natural  disasters.

The engineering programs at Reykjavik University run this September a two day “Disaster Week”  to analyze the VUCA factors specifically  with a group of 230 first-year students, working in 40 teams. A survey, focusing specifically on the VUCA aspects and the dynamics within individual teams, was carried out, including four different components of VUCA.


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  • Challenging Engineering Students with Uncertainty in a VUCA Situation.

Audunsson, H., Fridgeirsson, T. V., and Saemundsdottir I.
In  Proceedings  of  the  14th  International  CDIO  Conference,  KIT, Kanazawa, Japan, June-July, 2018.

Published on 03.10.2018

by Siegfried Rouvrais