Dahoy: VUCAlity rubrics

VUCA%20Rsed.jpg  DAhoy members from LEGO and LEMNA Labs at IMT Atlantique and Ecole Navale, and from the Center of Risk and Decision Analysis at Reykjavik University developed a model to characterize the VUCAlity of situations.

 This model describes the factors of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) faced by decision-makers and their teams, in relation to Industry 4.0 challenges and reliability issues of organisations.

 Thanks to an ongoing design-based research with City of Glasgow College, Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Partnership, and Fundació Universitat-Empresa de les Illes Balears, this model is to include indicators and rationales for the categorization of decision methods and tools.


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Published on 28.09.2018

by Siegfried Rouvrais

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