Diversity: IMT Atlantique signs the "Autre Cercle" LGBT+ Commitment Charter

As a further demonstration of its commitment to society and its desire to promote diversity and prevent discrimination, on 18 September 2020 IMT Atlantique signed the Charter of Commitment of l'Autre Cercle, a French association that strives for inclusive workplaces from an LGBT+ perspective.

signature charte Autre Cercle

The signatories: Anne Beauval, Vice-president of IMT Atlantique, Jean-Luc Ricaud, President of l'Autre Cercle and Paul Friedel, President of IMT Atlantique; in the presence of Pascaline Pré, lecturer-researcher in the Energy Systems and Environment Department and Gender Equality referent for the Nantes campus, and Stéphanie Bastide of l'Autre Cercle.


"We chose to do this project because it is a cause that we feel very strongly about... There is a huge lack of information or even misinformation on this subject in middle and high schools..." explained students working on the Zéphir project (carried out within the 1st year sustainable development and social responsibility course). They wished to "really raise awareness and change students' mindsets on this subject which still remains taboo".

Following the example of the engineering students who took the initiative to contact the "Autre Cercle" organisation, the management of IMT Atlantique is committed to being a driving force on diversity issues on its three campuses. The School thus stands in solidarity with the companies (large and small), higher education institutions, non-profit organisations, etc. who have already committed to building a professional world where everyone is on an equal footing regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.



Pascaline Pré, Gender Equality referent – 02 51 85 82 68 – pascaline.pre@imt-atlantique.fr

Jean-Luc Ricaud, president of the association Autre Cercle – presidence@autrecercle.org

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Published on 18.09.2020

by Pierre-Hervé VAILLANT