The European Commission awarded IMT Atlantique with the new Erasmus+ Charter for 2021-2027

The European Commission has renewed IMT Atlantique Erasmus+ Charter for the new program 2021-2017 with the highest score 100/100. The new Erasmus+ program, of which IMT Atlantique will be part of, has very ambitious goals. With a budget almost multiplied by 2, it targets the digitalization of all the processes and more especially all the student mobility processes from admission to graduation and beyond.

Erasmus+, flahship program of the EU, gives the possibility of studying, training and gaining international experience. With a budget over 26-billion euros for the 2021-2027 period, it will see the digitalization of all the administrative processes of the chartered HEIs. Thanks to this digitalization, it will be more inclusive for people away from the mobility (disabled, socially disadvantage persons, people from European overseas islands, etc…) and also more participative by engaging Youth into community-driven and european-society driven actions. Future open-minded, it will pave the way to cooperations with non-EU countries. The new program will also be more transparent regarding fund-management and more cooperative with other EU instruments such as the Research funds or the Structural funds.

Erasmus+ 2021-2027

A digitalization program

With the awarded Erasmus+ Charter 2021-2027, IMT Atlantique committed itself towards the great milestones of the program which will see the progressive digitalization of all the agreements process as well as the intra-EU mobility as a start.

  • In 2021 : Use of EWP network (Erasmus Without Paper) to manage Inter-Institutional agreements and the Online Learning Agreement (OLA)
  • In 2022 : Online student mobility applications
  • In 2023 : Transcript of Records exchanged through EWP
  • And somehow, the highlight of this overwhole process of digitization will take place in 2024 with the launch of the European Student Card.


Published on 16.02.2021


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