IMT Atlantique and INSTN combine their talents to develop a complete range of higher education courses in the field of energy

IMT Atlantique, an elite technological university recognized internationally for its research, and INSTN, the French National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology, share a common vision of energy issues and the societal and technological challenges to be met. The main objective of the 3-year partnership between the two institutions is to promote an integrated approach to energy, covering nuclear and renewable energies..

Partnershop between IMT Atlantique and ISNTNThis collaboration is based on the complementarity between IMT Atlantique and INSTN, a higher education institution and training organization administered by the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), which contributes to the dissemination of its scientific knowledge and the technological developments it carries. The partnership is part of the relationship developed over many years between IMT Atlantique and the CEA.

Meeting energy challenges together

In addition to their missions as public institutions of higher education, the two schools share the same vision of the energy challenges facing society, as well as the desire to promote an integrated approach to energy covering the fields of nuclear and renewable energies.
Ranked among the top 400 universities in the world by THE World University Rankings 2020, IMT Atlantique aims to transform society and industry through education, research and innovation by combining digital technology, energy and the environment. IMT Atlantique's degree programs are based on cutting-edge research, particularly in the fields of energy and digital technology, nuclear technologies, and risk management.
For 60 years, the INSTN has been providing highly specific instruction at all levels of qualification, from operators to engineers and researchers. They cover the sciences and techniques implemented in the fields of energy transition, health technologies, digital transition, materials and processes, project management and risk control.

Complementary training and approach

Through this partnership, IMT Atlantique and INSTN wish to pool the expertise and resources developed within the two institutions to build and offer a complete range of training programs at all levels of higher education, first in the field of nuclear energy and then in the broader field of low-carbon energies. Different themes have already been identified: nuclear engineering, low-carbon energy systems, social sciences applied to energy, and information and communication sciences and technologies applied to energy.
The strength of this partnership lies in the complementary nature of the two institutions' offerings. Together, IMT Atlantique and INSTN cover almost the entire educational spectrum in the field of low-carbon energy
systems. IMT Atlantique focuses more on engineering degree programs, while INSTN provides its expertise in specialized and continuing education. The whole should be greater than the sum of its parts.

Expanding the international reach of the two schools

The partnership focuses primarily on instruction, establishing exchanges based on the academic programs of the two schools and the creation of possible new Masters or specialized Masters courses. It also extends to training through research, as IMT Atlantique and INSTN both want IMT Atlantique Ph.D. students to be able to work easily in CEA laboratories. The two institutions also plan to carry out joint actions promoting scientific and technical culture, and to intensify their collaboration in international relations, corporate relations, sustainable development and social responsibility.

Published on 13.05.2020

by Pierre-Hervé VAILLANT

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