Commitment, Values and Responsibility: the key words for the 2022-2023 academic year

On Monday, August 29, Christophe Lerouge and Catherine Hellio, President and Vice-President, welcomed the new student-engineers to IMT Atlantique.

This year, 354 general engineering students, 109 specialized engineers by apprenticeship, 137 international Masters, 14 DNM, 48 specialized Masters and 50 doctoral students have arrived, or will arrive in the coming weeks, on the IMT Atlantique campuses.

This increase in enrollment confirms IMT Atlantique's reputation both in France and abroad.

The highest standards for a world-class education

«If you are here, it is the result of a double choice. You chose IMT Atlantique. Thank you! Well done, you deserve it ! That choice makes it incumbent on us to provide you with a quality education, to offer you interesting courses, to prepare you for the future, to accompany you as best we can.
The second choice is ours. We chose you. You have taken the competitive exams, submitted your applications and we deemed you capable. Our choice brings with it some obligations though. This means that you must not disappoint us; it means that we consider that you have the standard required, but you will have to justify it, you will have to work, you will have to commit. 

We expect a year-long commitment from you. You have to acquire a certain level of knowledge and skill reflexes that will make of you engineers with the standards we expect, » said Christophe Lerouge, president.

2022 school year for general engineering students

« The challenges are great in a changing world. You will be catalysts for companies, particularly in the realm of environmental transitions. You will have a strong role to play in terms of innovation and research in the new challenges of industrial sovereignty. 

Open your horizons and multiply your experiences. Try double-courses, make the most of your time here to strengthen your international culture. All this will be an asset in your career path, » added Catherine Hellio, Vice President.

Before they continued the discovery of their environment and various highlights of life at the school, Philippe Picouet, the Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, emphasized to the students the value of their words and actions throughout their courses, in both their extracurricular activities and their student life. 

The 2022 intake of general engineering students

Promotion of general engineering studentsPromotion of general engineering students

Published on 29.08.2022

by Pierre-Hervé VAILLANT