JUNO: a giant to listen to the discrete waltz of neutrinos

The gigantic JUNO detector, currently under construction in China with the participation of IN2P3, will soon be tapping neutrinos, the elusive and mysterious elementary particles

Its goal: to unveil the secrets of the discreet waltz performed by these ghostly and most intriguing grains of matter, called oscillations by scientists.
One year before the experiment starts, let's take a look at the images captured 700 metres underground, at the heart of this giant in the making.
Read more on the website of the CNRS National Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics.

Juno, detecteur géant de neutrinos en construction

JUNO is a huge underground neutrino detector. It is still under construction and should be completed in 2024.
It is the largest detector of its kind ever built (Photo credit: JUNO Collaboration)

The Neutrino research team at Subatech, led by Frédéric Yermia, is part of the JUNO collaboration
More information on the Juno team page

Published on 14.04.2023

by Pierre-Hervé VAILLANT