Play2Green Challenge: representing IMT Atlantique ... and France!

Kouakou Noé Amani, a 3rd year student at IMT Atlantique, valiantly represented France at the European Play2Green challenge, the final of which was held in Dubrovnik from 18 to 24 September.

The Eramus+ Play2Green challenge

The Eramus+ Play2Green project brings together energy and social transition, education and new technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The project's aim is to develop serious games for universal access to the ecological challenge.

The Social Challenge Winner Award

After three months of remote collaboration with around twenty other international students, Kouakou Noé AMANI won the Social Challenge Winner award. "This prize recognizes both my open-mindedness at a technical level and the value of intercultural collaboration. This victory has strengthened my belief in the importance of working together to solve global environmental problems," says Kouakou Noé Amani, who trained as an engineer in computer systems and software engineering at the Ecole Supérieure Africaine des TIC (ESATIC) before joining IMT Atlantique as a dual-degree student.

"The competition was intense, with several prizes at stake, but the real reward for this experience was the chance to get to know my colleagues from different backgrounds better and to work hand in hand with them to tackle complex challenges. I was lucky enough to collaborate with three other students from Croatia and Spain to create a virtual reality prototype offering an immersive experience enabling users to actively participate in conserving our oceans by simulating virtual clean-up operations. It's been a real adventure on a personal level, having the chance to meet all kinds of people and to learn together."


The Languages, Scientific Mediation and Sports Department (DELMA) is a member of this European consortium, through Cathy Sablé, associate professor of didactics of languages and cultures (interculturality), and Alison Gourvès-Hayward, professor emeritus. They have been particularly supportive of Kouakou Noé AMANI during this experience, which should help him in his search for a final-year internship as a consultant or project manager in digital transformation, AI solution development, or in virtual or augmented reality.

Published on 27.09.2023

by IMT Atlantique

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