IMT Atlantique in the QS Sustainability 2024 ranking for the 1st time

IMT Atlantique is continuing its ascent among its international counterparts. Of the 50 French institutions included in this second edition of the QS Sustainability World University Rankings, IMT Atlantique is ranked 5th, while it placed 485th out of the 1,397 universities ranked worlwide.

Each university's overall ranking in the QS Sustainability 2024 ranking is determined by the sum of its scores in three categories:

  • Environmental impact (45%), aggregation of three indicators: sustainable institutions (15%), sustainable education (17%) and sustainable research (13%);

    IMT Atlantique ranks 1st in France and 91st in the world for the "Sustainable Institutions" indicator, which assesses the school's strategy and actions towards an environmentally sustainable future.
  • Social impact (45%), combining five indicators: equality (12%), knowledge exchange (10%), impact of education (7%), employability and opportunities (11%), and quality of life (5%);
  • and governance (10%).
QS Durabilité 2024 : IMT Atlantique classée pour la 1ère fois

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Published on 06.12.2023

by Pierre-Hervé VAILLANT