A Researcher from Computer Science Lab invited by BY REYKJAVIK UNIVERSITY

Siegfried Rouvrais, member of the CS Dpt in Brest and of the CNRS LabSticc-Sharp Lab, was welcomed as an invited Assoc Prof. at Reykjavík University during the Fall of 2021,

Keywords:  international mobility, cooperation partnership, higher education, training engineering, resilience, agility, curriculum architecture,VUCA, transformation, processes, interdisciplinarity, European strategy.

In addition to the intercultural benefits and the discovery of Scandinavian specificities relating to work well-being, this visit made it possible to question the architectures of engineering education programs and quality purpuses in changing contexts.

Under a system perspective, with both European and international stakeholders, the diversity of engineering training models was illuminated by the yardstick of VUCAlity, echoing the analyzes of the DAhoy project.

More agile and resilient curricula and training systems began to be discussed, as well as models, methods and processes, with a view to better respond to the challenges of higher education transitions, raised through the implementation of European University alliances and major societal challenges of the new European strategical plan.



Siegfried Rouvrais, IMT-Atlantique Brest, Computer Science

Published on 31.01.2022

by Pascale MÉNARD