THE by subject 2021 of the best institutions in the world: Significant progress for IMT Atlantique in its 3 areas of excellence

In the discipline ranking of Times Higher Education THE 2021, a renowned international ranking system, IMT Atlantique is ranked among the top 175 universities [rank 151-175] in computer science, out of the 827 universities ranked on this theme this year. It also ranks among the top 250 [Rank 201-250] universities in engineering and technology out of 1,098 universities, and among the top 250 [Rank 201-250] in basic sciences, out of 1,149 universities.

THE by subject 2021

"Since its inception, the reputation of IMT Atlantique has grown year after year, and that counts for a lot in this type of ranking. All of our indicators and fundamentals are good. Our faculty members are very active in scientific production, both quantitatively and qualitatively, and this is recognized by these rankings," explains Paul Friedel, Director of IMT Atlantique.

THE's general rankings were published at the beginning of September, with IMT Atlantique appearing for the third consecutive year in the Top 400 worldwide in all categories. These excellent results establish the credibility and legitimacy of the school in the landscape of higher education and research in France and abroad, and strengthen its strategic positioning as a Technological University internationally.

"The French Grandes Ecoles of Engineering are often considered too small to be visible internationally. It is clear that once they reach a critical size or are focused enough thematically, those with a solid track record in research do quite well," said Anne Beauval, Executive Director of IMT Atlantique and President of the Research Commission of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE). Ms. Beauval signed an article on the subject in the CGE journal on October 8 entitled "International rankings: Grandes écoles, get started!"

Published on 28.10.2020

by Pierre-Hervé VAILLANT