Takeover of the startup ENANCIO by the American company ILLUMINA

The startup ENANCIO was acquired this summer by the American company ILLUMINA.


La startup rennaise ENANCIO, spécialiste de la compression des données génomiques, a été rachetée en juillet par le leader américain des technologies de séquençage, ILLUMINA. Créée en 2017 et incubée à IMT Atlantique #Rennes, ENANCIO a développé un logiciel de compression innovant.

The Rennes-based startup ENANCIO, a specialist in genomic data compression, was acquired in July by the American leader in sequencing technologies, ILLUMINA. Created in 2017 and incubated at IMT Atlantique #Rennes, ENANCIO has developed innovative compression software.

Reducing data volume by a factor of 30, ENANCIO enables faster data transfers and lower storage costs. These technological assets are all the more significant when you consider that, without compression, the genomic data of a single patient is close to 500 GB, the equivalent of 200 high-definition movies.

ILLUMINA now manages a worldwide genomic database with a volume exceeding 150 peta bases (1015 bytes), representing the content of 500 years of continuous high-definition video recordings.  ENANCIO's technology provides the U.S. sequencing technology giant with optimal levels of speed and efficiency for data compression and decompression to complement its existing portfolio.

Published on 09.09.2020

by Mireille MECHINEAU