Alexandre KHALDI


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+33 2 29 00 15 22

    Alexandre Khaldi is currently Associate Professor at IMT Atlantique. He received a master degree in physico-chemistry of polymer in 2008 from Cergy-Pontoise University (France). He then completed a Ph.D. in 2012 in electronic, micro and nanotechnologies from University of Valenciennes and Hainaut Cambresis (France) for the development of conjugated polymer microactuators. Between 2012 and 2014, he worked on the development of multifunctional materials at the University of Cambridge (UK). In 2014, he was appointed an European Marie Curie fellowship at the University of Linköping (Sweden) to develop new processes for the development of complex microrobotics tools based on conjugated polymer. In 2016, he was appointed assistant professor at the University of Bordeaux working on smart microsystems for Microfluidics and on the development of porous polymer microparticles for acoustic metamaterial applications.

    His research interests focus today on innovative electroactive polymers systems, for sensing and robotic applications in the domains of health and environment.

    He uses the domains of micro-nano engineering, materials chemistry, electrochemistry, soft robotics, electronics to conceive and develop autonomous transducing systems.


    Exemple of electroactive polymer moving an artificial wing at resonance (wing of 1cm lenght)