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IMT Atlantique - SUBATECH
4 rue Alfred Kastler, La Chantrerie CS 20722
44307 Nantes Cedex 3, FRANCE

    Ph.D. (Chemical Physics), Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

    B.S., M.S. (Engineering Thermophysics), Odessa National University of Technology, Odessa, Ukraine

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    Research Interests and Expertise

    • Atomistic computational modeling of interfacial and confined fluids in clay, cement, and other nano-strucutred materials
    • Environmental materials chemistry: geological nuclear waste disposal, carbon sequestration, shale gas exploration, soil organic matter
    • Structure and properties of supercritical aqueous fluids; supercritical fluid technologies

    Our team's current research is primarily supported by industrial funding from ANDRA, EDF, EDF Foundation, and ORANO in the framework of the IMTA Industrial Chair "Storage and Disposal of Radioactive Waste". We are also partners in the European research consortia ShaleXenvironmenT (SXT) and Science for Clean Energy (S4CE) - two multi-national and multi-disciplinary projects focused on comprehensive science-based assessments of the potential environmental footprints of shale gas exploitation and geological carbon sequestration in Europe.

    In addition, we contribute to other research projects of the Radiochemistry Group at Subatech.

    Before that, in the USA my research projects were mostly supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Division of Chemical Sciences, Geosciences, and Biosciences (1999-2010), and also by the NSF Science and Technology Center of Advanced Materials for Water Purification (WaterCAMWPS) (2002-2007), and the interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Cement-Based Materials (1998-2005).









    Our research findings are highlighted in a number of local, national, and international media sources:

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    Recent publications

    • A.D. Krot, I.E. Vlasova, E.V. Tararushkin, A.G. Kalinichev (2024) Atomistic computer simulations of uranyl adsorption on hydrated illite and smectite surfaces. Minerals, 14, 109.

    • E.V. Tararushkin, G.S. Smirnov, A.G. Kalinichev (2023) Structure and properties of water in a new model of the 10-Å phase: Classical and ab initio atomistic computational modeling. Minerals, 13, 1018.

    • E.V. Tararushkin, V.V. Pisarev, A.G. Kalinichev (2023) Interaction of nitrite ions with hydrated portlandite surfaces: Atomistic computer simulation study. Materials, 16, 5026.

    • E.V. Tararushkin, V.V. Pisarev, A.G. Kalinichev (2023) Equation of state, compressibility, and vibrational properties of brucite over wide pressure and temperature ranges: Atomistic computer simulations with the modified ClayFF classical force field. Minerals, 13, 408.

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    Courses currently taught

    2010 - present Integrated Nuclear Engineering Project in the framework of the International MSc program in Nuclear Engineering at the Institut Mines-Télécom Atlantique (former Ecole des Mines de Nantes). The combined lecture/discussion/practicum course is focused on molecular-level understanding and modeling of the physical and chemical processes and phenomena related to the technologies of geological nuclear waste disposal and other radiochemical applications.
    2016 - present Computational Molecular Modeling of Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces: Lecture course within the International MS Program Nano-Science and Nano-Technology for Civil Engineering at the Polytech Lille (University of Lille 1).


    New PhD and postdoctoral positions are available from time to time in our team in the area of atomistic computer simulations of materials and processes related to geological disposal of radioactive waste and other geochemical, environmental, and materials science applications. The new positions are usually announced on the Subatech web page. Informal inquiries can also be sent to the address above .

    One new postdoctoral opening is currently available.

    All applicants are expected to have a strong background in physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, or other related field, a good knowledge of computational chemistry, experience with ab initio and classical MD simulations, and a strong interest in the application of these atomistic modeling techniques to study fundamental properties of technologically, environmentally and geochemically important materials.

    PhD students are usually supported for 3 years to work towards their PhD degree in Physics or Chemistry within the Doctoral School 3MG - "Matter, Molecules, Materials, and Geosciences".