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    Short biography

    I have obtained my PhD in computer science at Université de Rennes 1 in 1993 and I am professor in the computer science department of Telecom Bretagne, now IMT Atlantique, since december 2007.

    I have previously worked for Michael Jackson France, where I developed in Smalltalk an environment for the JSD method (Jackson System Development).

    After being interested in the semantics of the late binding in object oriented languages, contract oriented specifications and communication abstractions, my recent fields of interest are modelling (its meaning, its notations, its features such as composability, etc) and static analysis of names in the context of heterogeneous languages.

    Since 2017, I've been applying my research to the Factory of Futur field and more specifically to the digital twin. I participate in the "Digital Twin" working group of the Alliance Industrie du Futur.

     I'm member of Lab-STICC (UMR 6285) in P4S team.

    My main activities are in the field of software development and more precisely in the study of borders among software entities.

    Antoine Beugnard, Contribution à l'assemblage d'entités logicielles, habilitation à diriger des recherches, Université de Bretagne Sud, 5 décembre 2005.

    I'm interested in model engineering, and in particular in making the design process explicit and in model federation. I'm involved in the development of Openflexo.

    Finally, I'm applying my research to digital twins.

    Digital twins

    A cyber-physical system coupled to another cyber-physical reference system, the digital twin is a polymorphic tool. It is a model of the reference system it supervises. But it also offers analysis, prediction and simulation tools that can be used to improve the reference system. 

    Cloud components

    A generalization of communication abstractions. The cloud component concept proposes a paradigm shift in the assembly of software components : forget complex connectors, prefer explicit localization features.

    Articles with Ali Hassan (PhD)

    Communication abstractions

    We propose to consider communication in distributed applications as  real software components.

    Articles with Eric Cariou (PhD), Selma Matougui (PhD), Chantal Evelyne Kaboré (PhD) et An Phung Khac (PhD)

    Redefinition (overriding), Overloading, dynamic dispatch

    A page web where the semantics of many object oriented languages are compared... 12 languages, 10 different behaviors! 
    A simple example to better understand the difference between redefinition,overloading , covariance, contra-variance, simple or multiple dynamic binding/dispatch.

    Articles with Salah Sadou (Université de Bretagne Sud)


    Sylvain Guerrin

    Fédération de modèles : FML, un langage d’assemblage de modèles pour l’interopérabilité
    sémantique de sources d’information hétérogènes


    Paul Perrotin

    Analyse de la vulnérabilité humaine dans les systèmes sociaux-techniques. Salah Sadou (Archware, IRISA Vannes) co-directeur.

    Ngoc Tho Huynh

    Un processus de développement pour développer des logiciels adaptatifs à partir d'arbre de variabilités, co-encadrée par MT. Segarra.

    Ali Hassan

    L'utilisation de la localisation pour la spécification des composants logiciel

    Quyet Thang Pham

    Typage des modèles pour la réutilisation des transformations de modèles

    An Phung Khac

    Thèse sur des composants répartis auto-adaptable, co-encadrée avec JM. Gilliot et MT. Segarra.

    Chantal Kaboré

    Thèse sur un processus de conception de composant réparti par transformation de modèles.

    Selma Matougui

    Proposition d'un processus de réification d'abstraction de communication comme un connecteur associé à des générateurs, PhD thesis, Université de Rennes 1, école doctorale Matisse, December 2005

    Eric Cariou

    (ps.gz)Contribution à un Processus de Réification d'Abstractions de Communication, PhD thesis, Université de Rennes 1, école doctorale Matisse, June 2003

    Olivier Aubert

    (abstract, pdf) Patron de conception pour l'analyse et la construction de systèmes à comportements autoadaptatifs, PhD thesis, Université de Rennes 1, école doctorale Matisse, December 2001

    I teach software engineering in engineering training, apprenticeships and professional education.

    The general message is:

    • explain! the process and the product in each of their forms; from the most abstract - need, specification - to the most concrete - implementation - via the architecture.
    • adapt! rules, tools and methods to suit the context,...
    • justify! your decisions and adaptations...

    I also teach design using UML, an object language (Java) and basic elements such as competition, distribution and patterns (presented as a fundamental know-how transfer tool).

    I'm a firm believer in teaching a small number of classes, but using simulated project situations - a form of active pedagogy - to tackle both the organizational and technical aspects of software development.

    I'm in charge of the "Thématique d'Approfondissement" (TAF): Software Engineering of Distributed Systems (ILSD).

    Otherwise, I occasionally take part in a number of teaching courses... in support.

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