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    Charbel Abdel Nour obtained his computer and communications engineering degree in 2002 from the Lebanese University, his Masters degree in digital communications from the University of Valenciennes, France, in 2003, his PhD in digital communications from Telecom Bretagne, France in 2008 and his Habilitation thesis from the University of South Brittany in 2020.

    From June 2007 till October 2011, he worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Electronics Department of Telecom Bretagne. He was involved in several research projects related to broadcasting and satellite communications. Additionally during the same period, he was active in the Digital Video Broadcasting DVB consortium where he had important contributions.

    From November 2011 till November 2022, Charbel was an associate professor at the Electronics then Mathematical and Electrical Engineering (MEE) Department of IMT Atlantique. Since December 2022, he holds a Professor position at the MEE Department. His interests concern the radio mobile communications systems, broadcasting systems, coded modulations, error correcting codes, resource and power allocation for NOMA, waveform design, MIMO and iterative receivers. Lately, he presented several contributions to the H2020 METIS, FANTASTIC5G and EPIC projects and to the 3GPP consortium related to coding solutions for 5G.

    • 3 EU projects:
      • 2017-2020: Enabling Practical Wireless Tb/s Communications with Next Generation Channel Coding (EPIC).
      • 2015-2017: Flexible air interface for scalable service delivery within wireless communication networks of the 5th Generation (FANTASTIC-5G).
      • 2012-2015: Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for Twenty-twenty Information Society (METIS).
    • 2 Celtic EU projects:
      • 2010-2012: Enabling Next GeneratIon NEtworks for broadcast Services (ENGINES). Received Celtic bronze award of excellence in 2014.
      • 2007-2009: Broadcast for the 21st Century (B21C). Received Celtic silver award of excellence in 2009.
    • 2 EU Eurostars projects:
      • 2011-2013: Enhanced wireless Technologies for News and Security Apps (ETNA).
      • 2008-2011: Small and Medium Enterprise for T2 (SME42). Ranked #1 among 113 accepted projects.
    • 2 French national ANR projects:
      • 2019-2022: Quasi-Cyclic Small Packet (QCSP).
      • 2011-2013: Mobile MultiMedia (M3)
    • 1 FUI project: 2012-2015: GREEN Computing and CoMMunications (GREENCoMM).
    • 1 EU Space Agency (ESA) project: 2007-2008: Broadband Satellite Digital Transmissions.
    • 2 Patent factories with France brevets: 2015-2018: On Filtered waveform design and non-orthogonal multiple access schemes.

    8 projects with industrial partners: Orange Labs, Newtec, CNES, TCL, SIMPULSE, etc.

    • Error correcting codes (turbo, LDPC, polar codes etc.) and high throughput decoding
    • Digital modulations, diversity techniques and Multi-antennas MIMO systems
    • Waveform design and multi-carrier modulations (OFDM, FBMC, UF-OFDM, etc.)
    • Resource and power allocation for non-orthogonal multiple access techniques (NOMA)
    • System optimization for standards (LTE, DVB-T2, etc.), channel emulation
    • Digital electronics 
    • Components and architecture of transmission systems 
    • System on chip 
    • Processor architecture 
    • Error correcting codes and coded modulations