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IMT Atlantique Bretagne-Pays de la Loire
Département ITI
Technopôle Brest-Iroise
CS 83818
29238 Brest cedex 03

    I am Professor (full) within the Département Image et Traitement de l'Information (ITI) of IMT Atlantique and I conduct my research activities in the Laboratoire de Traitement de l'Information Médicale (LaTIM Inserm U1101)

    Research activities

    Since several years, I am working on the protection of medical multimedia data, in particular of images and databases, with approaches essentially based on watermarking, crypto-watermarking and the processing of encrypted data. All these security solutions are studied in the case of medical imaging, big health data and genetic, through various funded research projects.

    Among our main results, we discussed the relevance of watermarking in the medical field

    Here follows relevant publications on different research topics I am working on.

    Research projects

    • FollowKnee – PIA Recherche Hospitalo-Universitaire Project, "FollowKnee - improve Follow-up of Knee surgery", partner, 2018-2022.
    • M4P – PIA Grands défis du numérique, "Médecine personnalisée, préventive, prédictive, participative appliquée au diabète", partner, 2018-2020.
    • TRAC – Chaire cybersécurité des infrastructures critiques Project, "Traceability and integrity of information within critical infrastructures", partner, 2017-2020.
    • PRIVGEN - Labex CominLabs Project in collaboration with Labex Genmed, "Privacy-preserving sharing and processing of genetic data", co-leader, 2016-2019.
    • INSHARE – ANR Project, "Integrating and sharing health data for research", partner, 2016-2019.
    • PIMPSY – Labex CAMI Project, "Health data integrity and traceability to demonstrate medical Service", leader, 2016-2019.
    • TATOO-IN Project – "Watermarking and encryption of images", principal investigator, 2015-2018. 
    • SEA – Chaire cyberdéfense des systèmes navals Project, "Sécurité de l’information des systèmes navals", partner, 2014-2017.
    • ARMEM – Brittany Region Project, "Traitements sécurisés d’images médicales externalisées/mutualisées", leader, 2014-2017.
    • POSEIDON - Labex CominLabs Project, "How to express and deploy integrated security policies for outsourced data", partner, 2012-2014.
    • PROTECIMAGES project - "A prospective study of security of shared medical data", principal investigator, 2010-2014.
    • PAIRSE - ARPEGE ANR Project, "Confidentiality preservation in P2P environment: an approach based on web services", partner, 2010-2013.
    • SELKIS - ARPEGE ANR Project, "One method for developing secured medical information systems: form the analysis of needs to the implementation", http://lacl.univ-paris12.fr/selkis/ , 2009-2012.

    Joint Laboratory


    • WaToo – Fight against sensitive data leaks and forgeries. Created in 2018. 

    PhD Students

    • M. Pistono, 2018-2021, supervisers:  G. Coatrieux, J.C. Nunes
    • Y. Yan, 2018-2021, supervisers: P.H . Conze, G. Coatrieux, B. Cochener,
    • R. Larsen, 2017-2020, supervisers: G. Coatrieux, S. Foley
    • C. Ben Rabah, 2016-2019, supervisers: R. Abdelfattah, G. Coatrieux
    • D. Niyitegeka, 2016-2019, supervisers: G. Coatrieux, E. Genin
    • S. Haddad, 2016-2019, supervisers: G. Coatrieux, A. Moreau-Gaudry

        Former PhD Students

        • B. Costé, 2018
        • M. Karasad, 2018
        • R. Bellafquira, 2017
        • Y. Duan, 2017
        • K. Charrière, 2015.
        • J. Franco-Contreras, 2014.
        • D. Bouslimi, 2013.
        • H. Azkia, 2013.
        • W. Pan, 2012.
        • H. Huang 2011.
        • T. Woo Han, 2011

            Internships (Masters & Engineers)

            • 2018 : H. Nsir, M. Pascal, M. Pistono
            • 2017 : Q. Taburet, G. Totladze, H. Jbeli, R. Khammassi, Y. Talabi Alaoui
            • 2016 : M. Ferreira, W. Peng, S. Haddad, E.H. Sanchez, M. Cherkaoui Semmouni, K. Azbeg
            • 2015 : F. El Orche, A. Ouya, A. Pacheco, D. Niyitegeka, C. Ben-Rabah
            • 2014 : R. Bellafqira, S. Boudfor, R. Marty, R. Sanchez de la Rosa, J. Pan
            • 2013 : M. A. Belgacem, Z. Affoh, X. Chen
            • 2012 : M. Affes, D. Luo
            • 2011 : J. Franco-Contreras, B. Ben Lazreg,M. Diallo, I. Mandhouj