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    Laurent BRISSON received a Ph.D degree in Computer Science from Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis (France) in 2006. During his Ph.D he worked on the integration of expert knowledge in data mining processes in order to extract relevant information from human expert point of view.

    In 2017, he joined IMT Atlantique (previously Telecom Bretagne) as an associate professor in the DECIDE team of the Lab-STICC laboratory. His research work in the field of data mining aims to take human beings into account at some point in the data analysis process. He has thus contributed to the definition of scoring models to raise awareness of breast cancer risk among primary prevention populations and has been interested in the analysis of feelings for automatic classification of comments.

    Currently, his work focuses on the analysis of social networks along two axes: information dissemination and the detection of temporal communities.



    Further details can be found on my scientific homepage:


    • Complex Networks Analysis
    • Community Detection
    • Community Evolution in Dynamic Networks
    • Immersive Analytics
    • Learning Analytics


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