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    Mathieu Simonnet is lecturer and researcher in cognitive psychology and user experience at IMT Atlantique since 2016. 

    His main research topics are Human Machine Interaction for spatial knowledge with visual impairment and acceptability of new connected objects for health. 

    • Brest Bay Touch (3D printed Nautical charts for visual impairment)
    • SmartSails (tell tales vocal announcement)
    • SMAUG (Smart Map AUGmented)
    • SARA (Sail And Race Audioguide)
    • UX design (User Experience)
    • HMI (Human Machine Interface)
    • project management / AGILE methodology
    • UX research and design

    This course introduces User Experience (UX) and mainly focuses on how to assess usability of mobile apps and websites.

    The first contents describe utility, efficiency and satisfaction accordingly with ISO 9241. Participants discover tools such as heuristics (i.e. Norman), usability scales (i.e. SUS, DEEP,..).

    Then it makes sense to understand memory and perception concepts from cognitive psychology to better analyse the tools relevancy and the corresponding outputs.

    Experimental method is also taught to help conducting valid studies to assess the usability of apps. 

    Finally, the creation of a design with 2 types of interactions for the same functions allows participants to set up a A/B testing study and perform user tests. We hope to use the UX Design tools Figma and Protopie to do it.