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    I received the Informatics and Telecommunications Degree and the Doctorate degree in Information Technology from the National University of Athens, Greece, in 2005 and 2009 respectively. Since June 2016, i am "Maître de Conférences" (Associate professor) at IMT Atlantique Bretagne/Pays de la Loire (formerly known as École Nationale Supérieure de Télécommunications de Bretagne), Department of Informatics.

        My main research interests lie in the fields of Robotic Vision and 3D Shape Analysis & Matching with emphasis on applications related to robotic service assistance technologies. During my doctorate research, i contributed two international patents in the fields of content-based 3D model retrieval. In 2012, i was the UGV pilot of the team that was dispatched to the earthquake-hit area of Emilia Romana in Italy, which was the pioneering mission of a human-robot team for Urban Search & Rescue in Europe. I have (co)authored articles in top-rated journals including the International Journal of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. I have further served as teaching assistant in the undergraduate course of Computer Graphics in the University of Athens, tutor to the postgraduate courses of Computer Vision/Perception and Pattern Recognition in the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and teaching assistant to Programming courses at ENSTA ParisTech. I further hold the Cambridge Proficiency of English Language, Diploma of French Language of 1st degree, the teaching qualification of Section 61 for the French Superior Education as well as the State diploma of Music Harmony and Degree in Organ. Since 2020, I am co-leader of the team RAMBO of CNRS Lab-sticc.


    - LEASARD (Low-Energy deep neural networks for AutonomousSearch-And-Rescue Drones), ANR CominLabs, 2022, (WP-leader)

    - ECFVisuL (Continual, automatic evaluation of the human functional capacity at home with the aid of computer vision), Regional, 2022, (co-PI)


    - HERON (Intelligent Habitat coupled with Assistive Robots based on Digital Twins), Regional, 2020, (co-PI)

    - AMUSAAL (Analysis of Human Motions by Decomposition to Simple Actions for Ambient Assisted Living), Regional, 2019 (PI)

    - COordinated Multi-Robot Assistance DEployment in smart Spaces (COMRADES), IMT, 2017 (PI)


    - C3MDT (Doctorate Thesis: Dense and Real-time 3D Metric Mapping), CIFRE co-supervised with ENIB & Thales Palaiseau, student: Yassine Habib

    - SPARC (Doctorate Thesis: Proactive Assistance to ADLs by Contextual Robotic Interaction), Chaire M@D, student: Cédric Le Bono

    - SSS3D (Doctorate Thesis: Semantic Segmentation of Industrial 3D Scenes), co-supervised with ENIB & SEGULA Engineering, student: Romain CAZORLA

    - ILCOI (Doctorate Thesis: Incremental Learning for Classification of Objects of Interest), CIFRE co-supervised with ENSTA Bretagne & Naval Group, Brest, student: Quentin FERDINAND

    - ROGAN (Doctorate Thesis: RObot Manipulation Learning by Demonstration using Generative Adversarial Networks), co-supervised with University of Adelaide, Australia, student: Mohamed Khalil JABRI

    - REACT (Doctorate Thesis: Models of Physical Interaction of Companion Robots), Chaire M@D, student: Andrei MITRIAKOV

    Cognitive Robotics

    Computer Vision

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    Programing of Robotics Systems

    Computer Vision

    C programming Language