Sébastien BIGARET


Ingénieur de recherche et développement



Contact information:


+33 2 29 00 14 22


IMT Atlantique Bretagne Pays de la Loire
Département LUSSI
Technopôle Brest-Iroise - CS 83818
29238 Brest Cedex 3

I help to make things happen on computers as a Senior Research Engineer at:

I am also Software coordinator in the Administration Board of the Decision Deck Consortium, and I am deeply involved in its software initiatives.

As a general rule, please contact me by e-mail rather than by phone.


With the exceptions of the specific subjects detailed below, contact me at sebastien.bigaret@imt-atlantique.fr.

The exceptions are:

  • diviz: If you want to contact me about the diviz software, please read the dedicated «Getting Help» page at diviz.org.
  • Decision Deck: use sebastien.bigaret - at - decision-deck.org for any subject related to the Decision Deck Consortium.

About emails:

  • I usually answer emails in the two working days after they are delivered in my inbox, and I try my best to answer emails within 5 working days at most.
  • Some of servers handling my email addresses (esp. @imt-atlantique.fr) implement greylisting, which may delay the delivery of e-mails for several hours.

Encrypted e-mails are always welcome.  Details on my GPG key are below.


Key ID 0x28D987F24ECDBCE1
Key fingerprint

1B82 8711 3D78 EA08 A17B  ECF8 28D9 87F2 4ECD BCE1



Note: the old key  is revoked (0xD8FC7FA6 / 0x753C0F49D8FC7FA6), see the transition message.

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