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Holding an engineering degree in computer science from Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) de Rennes (1982) and a post-diploma in Advanced Networking from Supélec Rennes (1983), Sylvain Gombault first worked for 2 SME's from 1984 to 1992, having his first experience in securing an X25 (non IP) network. He joined RSM (Network, Security and Multimedia) department as associate professor in 1993, where he is one of the first persons involved in the security topic. I have always been involded in teaching activities with practicals, have created the CyberSecurity Specialised Mastère that has formed 200+ students up to now. RSM department is becomen SRCD at 2017.

My research topic is networking security, more precisely intrusion detection and protection by listening, modeling and controlling network traffic. I consider that using network traffic as input provides data free of any corruption by the attacker, as an attacker might have the ability to delete the traces generated on a target host. When we look for anomalies, we compare traffic to requirements given by the security policy, the protocol description or any ad hoc specification to detect what is not expected and considering it as an intrusion. In recent projects, I have applied these principles to detect intrusions at application level for web applications.