Industrial Chair in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and medical trust

THALES, the start-up AiiNtense and SOPHiA GENETICS collaborate with the laboratory LaTIM Inserm UMR 1101 – UBO/IMT Atlantique, within the chaire CYBAILE, le by INSERM, to combine their expertise in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and knowledge of the medical fiels. The aim is to develop a trusted, secure and rebust artificial intelligence system for healthcare

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In the health sector, cybersecurity is at the heart of the challenges of AI, driven by massive data.

On the one hand, the reliability of the data must be guaranteed, whatever its nature and whatever processing and transformation it may have undergone. On the other hand, the methods that will be applied with a view to exploitation must themselves be secure. In both cases, it is a question of dealing with attacks and misappropriations of all kinds. This is the challenge that CYBAILE proposes to meet.


There are two main areas : the development of secure, federated and scalable automatic learning methods that respect privacy rights, and the deployment of reliable AI systems that are protected against falsification and in terms of intellectual property.


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