AI at IMT Atlantique: an Integrated Cross-Cutting Scientific Initiative

Artificial Intelligence refers to the act of equipping machines with a form of intelligence.

Intelligence essentially corresponds to the ability to generalize principles and adapt to changes in the context and environment.

The field has grown tremendously in recent years, in part due to many major scientific breakthroughs, most of them related to deep learning. The immediate benefits are in the ability to make machines interact with the real world: intelligent robots, vision, sound or natural language processing. But AI does not stop there, it now contributes to a better understanding of the brain, to help with medical diagnosis, or to model complex physical phenomena.

As was the case with computing in the last century, AI technology is pushing the boundaries of automation, and promises to change the uses of all sectors, industries and societies.

IMT Atlantique, as a leading engineering school, is one of the leading players in contributions to Artificial Intelligence.

la journée "modèles de fondation"
photo during the "modèles de fondation" day 02/02/2024


Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of the research activities of some thirty teacher-researchers at the school, associated within several teaching and research departments, including MEE, LUSSI and ITI, but also the DAPI, SRCD, MO, INFO, and Di2S. Here are the laboratories, teams or projects that are positioning themselves in the field of AI by contributing to its methodologies:



The research focuses both on contributions at the heart of the discipline, such as architectures and methods for machine learning, and on specific contributions, such as physical modeling, medical imaging or the study of networks.

A much larger part of the school uses Artificial Intelligence in its research, without contributing to its methodologies.



The training offers more than twenty courses directly related to the theme. Three in-depth themes are particularly concerned: Mathematical And Computational Engineering and Data Science.

Cross-disciplinary courses with in-depth themes also allow curious students to train in the discipline, such as the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course.



If you are a company looking for expertise in AI, you can contact the DEVRE (Department of Development and Corporate Relations) by clicking on:

The IMT Atlantique incubator welcomes entrepreneurs of innovative projects all year round and puts them in touch with the school's research teams to increase the technological added value and the potential for the creation of new services. AI is particularly in demand in terms of skills by startups, regardless of the sector of activity:




The objective of the Integrated Transversal Scientific Initiative in Artificial Intelligence (ISTI AI) is to map, lead and propose to IMT Atlantique a clear vision of the contributions within the discipline.

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