Chair ARTIST : Augmented Reality Technology and Innovative Solutions for Telemedecine

Atlanstic 2020 RFI International Chair ARTIST

The long-term goal of this Chair is to seed future research collaborations and innovative technology development between health (NExT “Future of Health”) and digital sciences (Atlanstic 2020).


The specific objectives are to design and develop an adaptive virtual intelligent coach for surgeons performing robotic surgery. This virtual coach will be implemented via mixed reality technology, and take the place of a real human coach in providing just-in-time recommendations and real-time feedback for the primary surgeon during surgery. The envisioned “virtual coach” is an intelligent decision-aid that is adaptive both to the criticality of the surgical outcome, and to the level of expertise of the surgeon.

The project will demonstrate the value of a methodology for innovation and technology development based on the human factors engineering approach. At the same time, the project activities will further strengthen the collaboration amongst the multiple partners who are part of the Atlanstic 2020 Program, such as those within the medical simulation community in Nantes (School of Surgery, Le Simu Lab, Anatomy Lab, etc.), as well as those within the regional network (HUGO, etc.)

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