Chair for Medical Imaging for Interventional Therapies

The "Medical Imaging for Interventional Therapies" Chair, held by François Rousseau, lecturer at IMT Atlantique and member of LATIM U1101 INSERM, (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research Laboratory of Medical Information Processing), seeks to contribute to research on an international level in the field of health and medicine of the future. Created in 2015, this chair has made it possible to launch research projects on the computation of high resolution medical images and the dynamic modelisation of joint movement.

The introduction of Information and Communication Science (STIC) has revolutionised the paradigm of the therapeutic gesture, taking it from a linear procedure (Decision-Action-Test) to a constant process of decision optimisation, relying on the continuous acquisition and processing of multimodal information. Since 1996, LATIM (Laboratory of Medical Information Processing) has been developing multidisciplinary STIC and Health research led by members of the University of West Brittany, IMT Atlantique, INSERM and the University Research Hospital (CHRU) of Brest. In early 2015, INSERM and IMT Atlantique created a chair in the field of medial imaging, held by François Rousseau.

Within the framework of the modelisation of body movements and their interactions, and with the desire to develop a personalised approach for patients, the chair's research work focusses on three aspects in particular:

  • geometric modelisation of the structures involved (bones, muscles and ligaments) taken from in-vivo images
  • biomechanical modelisation
  • functional modelisation

Within this context, two doctoral theses (one of which is co-financed by the Brittany Region) started in October 2015 and 2016 on the following subjects:

  1. The analysis of MRI dynamic data: "Developing dynamic MRI for the study of the musculoskeletal system in movement", (Department of Imaging and Information Processing (ITI) IMT Atlantique).
  2. The reconstruction of high resolution images: "Local adaptive representations for the super-resolution and segmentation of medical images", ITI Department, IMT Atlantique.