"Chaires": Industrial partnerships for research and education

IMT Atlantique has more than 15 years of experience in setting up French research consortia referred to as chaires. The institution uses this tool in response to the strategic challenges of its various partners to develop innovative research and/or teaching themes at a national or international level, and also to support local societal transformation.

An industrial chaire (the first type of chaire developed at IMT Atlantique) brings together the university and at least one industrial partner, of varying sizes, in order to build together in an innovative and competitive way. The industrial partner provides appropriate funding over the long term. These chaires can be teaching- or research-focused.

Academic chaires are created at the international level around research projects carried out by IMT Atlantique and a national research institute (CNRS, Inserm, Inria). The university holds academic chaires to support the development of research.

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[NAIADE] NAvalisation de l’Intelligence Artificielle industrielle pour l’aide à la DEcision

La chaire NAIADE à pour objectif de doter le marin de moyens performants pour limiter sa charge cognitive et lui permettre de se concentrer sur la prise de décision dans un environnement naval complexe.

  • Chaire industrielle et académique

[AI-4-CHILD] AI-4-CHILD: AI for paedriatric neurorehabilitation

AI-4-CHILD AI for paedriatric neurorehabilitation

Focuses on the development of new methods of medical image analysis for the diagnosis and monitoring of cerebral palsy patients using new tools based on artificial intelligence with Philips and the Ildys Foundation.

  • Industrial Chaire

[AI OceanIX] Physics-Informed AI for Observation-driven Ocean AnalytiX

OceaniX Physics-Informed AI for Observation-driven Ocean AnalytiX

Is a research and teaching chair whose objective is to understand the dynamics of the oceans and to acquire high-performance monitoring and surveillance tools with 11 industrial partners

  • Industrial, Academic and International Chaire

[Archops] Architecture, Deployment and Administration of Agile IT Infrastructures

Standing for Architecture, Deployment and Administration of Agile IT Infrastructures, is a teaching chaire at IMT Atlantique, in partnership with Bodet Software.

  • Industrial Chaire

[Cyber CNI] Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures

Is a research and teaching chaire in the field of Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures. It brings together industrial partners such as Airbus Defence and Space, BNP Paribas, EDF, Amossys and Sncf

  • Industrial Chaire


Pracom is an advanced research chaire in communications created in 2006, bringing together about ten companies. The objective and mission are to contribute to the development of future multimedia services.

  • Industrial Chaire

[Resoh] Research in Human and Organisational Safety

Is a research and teaching chair on the conditions for industrial performance in the context of inter-organisational relations, in partnership with Andra, Naval group and IRSN

  • Industrial Chaire

Storage and Disposal of radioactive waste

DISPOSAL is a research and teaching chair (2009 to 2024) on the storage and disposal of radioactive waste with ANDRA, EDF, Orano and IMT Atlantique as partners

  • Industrial Chaire


[ValaDoE] Data and energy added values

ValaDoE is a research chaire dedicated to the design, deployment and operation of the energy networks of the future. This multidisciplinary approach is conducted in partnership with the Pays de la Loire Region, Nantes Métropole, Enedis, Mines Saint-Étienne and Telecom Paris Tech.

  • Industrial Chaire

[C2M] Characterization, Modeling, Control of Exposure to Electromagnetic Waves

Is a research chaire on Characterization, Modeling and Control of Exposure to Electromagnetic Waves with Orange, Exem TDF and Telecom ParisTech as partners.

  • Industrial Chaire

Cyber defence of naval systems

Is a research chaire (2014 to 2023) in the field of cyber defence of naval systems with the École Navale, Naval Group, Thalès and ENSTA Bretagne integrated in 2019, as partners.

  • Industrial Chaire

[M@D] Home support

M@D is a chaire whose aim is to design and test systems linked to new technologies to enable people with disabilities or loss of autonomy to live at home for as long as possible.

  • Industrial Chaire

[BOPA] BOPA (Bloc OPératoire Augmenté): Augmented Operating Room

Augmented operating room
Innovates by pursuing two human and technological objectives: transforming the relationship to error in the operating room (OR) and enhancing practitioner capabilities through digital technologies.

  • Research and Teaching Chaire


La chaire Cybaile à pour objectif  de développer une intelligence artificielle de confiance en santé, sécurisée et robuste.

  • Chaire industrielle

[IoTad-CEO] Internet of Things with Tadashi Matsumoto

The objective of the IoTAD-CEO Chaire (French research consortium) is to carry out a series of studies and develop tools for the design of tomorrow's communication systems by integrating these automatic learning objectives.

  • Academic chaire

Industry of the Future

The Franco-Australian Chair for the Industry of the Future brings together IMT Atlantique and the University of South Australia (UniSA) to develop academic and industrial cooperation around the themes of the Industry of the Future.

  • Academic and industrial chaire

Merite 2

MERITE 2 is a teaching chaire whose aim is to give a taste for science, technology and industrial culture to young people. The chaire is supported by the company Assystem and 8 partners in higher education.

  • Academic and Industrial Chaire

[TES] Energy and Societal Transition

The aim of the TES Chaire is to work on the conditions for the emergence and development of projects led by groups of companies, farmers or associations, within the framework of committed territorial public policies, with energy as an entry point and the evolution of lifestyles as a target.

  • Industrial Chaire