Chaire ANR AI OCEANIX : Physics-Informed AI for Observation-driven Ocean AnalytiX

Covering more than 70% of the Earth's surface, the oceans play an essential role in regulating the Earth's climate and for human societies.

Despite the steady development of simulation and observational capabilities to obtain data on the large oceans, our ability to understand, reconstructing and predicting the dynamics of the high seas and controlling maritime activities remains limited for the main societal challenges (for example: disaster monitoring, current global changes, fisheries, energy production, illegal activities).

Relying on the cutting-edge expertise of Ifremer, l'IUEM in marine science and technology and of IMT Atlantique, ENSTA Bretagne, Ecole Navale in engineering /data science, Research aims to better understand the dynamics of the oceans and to develop effective monitoring and surveillance tools to address issues such as the impact of extreme climate events, monitoring of fishing activities, surveillance of maritime areas or marine renewable energy.

Partenaires de la chaire OceanIX

IMT Atlantique designated Professor Ronan Flablet, research project manager from the AI OCEANIX chair, a interdisciplinary research between Ocean sciences, computer science, IA and physical sciences.

watch the intervention from  Ronan Fablet at the One Ocean Summit in Brest:


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