AI-4-child "Chaire"; Innovative tools to fight against childhood cerebral palsy

IA development in the service of health opens up promising prospects for improving the quality of care, personalized care, but also improved medical decision support.


The use of statistical learning algorithms could thus revolutionize the field of medical imaging.

The interdisciplinary research chair AI4Child, focuses on the development of new methods of medical image analysis to assist in the diagnosis and follow-up of patients with cerebral palsy. AI4Child aims to develop new tools based on artificial intelligence in order to improve the early diagnosis phase based on brain MRI data of premature babies and to ensure better care for affected children.


Created in 2020, AI-4-Child brings together engineers and physicians. The result of a call for "artificial intelligence" projects from the French National Research Agency (ANR), it operates in partnership with the company Philips and the Ildys Foundation for the Disabled, and benefits from various forms of support (Brittany Region, Brest Metropolis, etc.). In total, the chaire has a budget of around 1 million euros for a period of five years.


Research and teaching "chaire" led by IMT Atlantique

de 2020 à 2024