ArchOps Teaching and Research Chair


The ArchOps 2 Chair, standing for Architecture, Deployment and Administration of Agile IT Infrastructures, is an industrial chair of IMT Atlantique, in partnership with Kelio. It is dedicated to all IMT Atlantique students in the IT field. It is also a channel for the transfer of high-level skills: researchers, experts and industry.

The ArchOps II Chair is held by Thomas LEDOUX, Professor in Computer Sciences, HDR at IMT Atlantique in the Department of Automation, Production and Computer Science and Head of the Software Engineering apprenticeship program.

What are we talking about?

Software architecture is related to the fundamental structures of a software system as well as to the field of software creation. A software architecture is an abstraction, comparable to the architecture of a building. It consists of a set of computer components associated with connectors that describe the interaction between these components.

To refer to a distributed software architecture is to consider that the components of the architecture are distributed over different sites. With the upheavals caused by the Internet, high-speed networks and smartphones, software architectures are now almost always distributed. If you check your email on your smartphone, it is stored on server farms in the United States.

The design of distributed software architectures must address a number of questions:

  • Where should I store my data?
  • What is the ideal granularity of the components of my architecture?
  • How do I ensure the stability of my system under heavy load?
  • What kind of interactions will I have with my system?
  • How can I anticipate technological developments?
  • etc.

Software architecture engineering remains one of the major challenges of agile IT.


The ArchOps II Chair is aimed at all IMT Atlantique students in the IT field. It is also a high-level skills transfer center: researchers, experts and industry.

What are the objectives of the ArchOps II Chair?

  • to develop and promote the design of distributed software architectures, a new challenge for information technologies in an agile environment
  • to train engineering students in this field
  • encouraging international mobility of the school's engineering students
  • supporting the integration of international students on the IMT Atlantique campuses
  • supporting Kelio's R&D activities (CIFRE thesis)


What will be the activities of the Chair?

The ArchOps II Chair aims to develop the skills of IMT Atlantique engineering students in the design of distributed software architectures through a range of activities:

  • Understanding and analyzing the fundamentals of the field: courses, masterclasses, expert conferences, company visits, etc.
  • Anticipating changes and their impact on the industry: Articles, round tables on feedback, etc.
  • Conducting an innovative project: Hackathons organization...
  • Working in an international context: "Jeunes talents à l'international" mobility grants,
  • Contribute to the cultural mix on campus: Bodet Atlantic games, ...
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