Putting the Experience of Industrial and Technical Realities at the Service of the School




MERITE is a teaching chair for the dissemination of scientific, technological and industrial culture, which aims to give young people a taste for science, technology and industrial culture.

An unprecedented partnership of 8 higher education, research and industrial institutions to innovate.

It is the result of five years of collaboration between scientists from eight grandes écoles and universities in the Greater West and the Rectorat de l'Académie de Nantes.

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It was financed by the Investissements d'Avenir program launched by the French government, the European Regional Development Fund, the Pays de la Loire Region, and the Assystem group.

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The MERITE project was built around :

  • a strong idea: to participate in the promotion of scientific, technical and industrial culture,
  • a double objective: production of turnkey educational kits for the classroom, and training guides for secondary school teachers,
  • an innovative approach: a scientific and teacher co-construction.

A double ambition

By articulating its work around the learning of technological concepts and fundamental technical know-how, and the training of high school teachers, the MERITE Chair intends to

  • Promote the nobility of technological culture and its educational virtue,
  • To support the equality of opportunities:
    • By encouraging children, via active teaching methods, to discover and learn, to develop self-confidence, to create and innovate.
    • By facilitating contacts between teachers and the business world, thanks to training courses co-animated with industrialists on methods and processes.


A double ambition



Educational resources

Educational kits for teachers and their students from end of primary school to middle school

  • resources combining science and technology
  • a concrete approach based on the investigative approach
  • a collection of 12 kits co-constructed and tested in class by teachers
  • From end of primary school to beginnig of middle school
    • Chemistry in color
    • Wood: a material derived from living organisms
    • Materials and everyday objects
    • Food: from raw materials to finished products
    • The soil and its role in plant growth
    • Create your own animated objects: between programming and electronics
    • Educational robotics: from motor to movement
    • Lutherie sauvage
  • For middle school
    • Discovering sugars
    • Computer communication: a whole protocol
    • Development of a connected object
    • Electricity: producing it, sharing it


Professional development for middle and high school teachers

The MERITE chair also aims to train secondary school teachers in order to raise their awareness of the contribution of scientific and technical culture in secondary schools:

  • Better understand the business world in which their students will be integrated,
  • To discover the organization of work in the industry, in particular in its collaborative dimensions.


Three types of training courses are offered to them:

  • Implementing a project approach with their students
  • Training by participating in an introductory session on the project approach
  • Experience a project approach in a group of adults


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