ValaDoE - Value Added to the Energy Data

Transforming data into information for decision making



An energy transition context and objectives

In a context of energy transition, the ValaDoE interdisciplinary Chaire, with computer sciences, led by IMT Atlantique wishes to offer a potential of solutions for the organization of the energy landscape complementary to the distribution and transport networks, taking advantage of local resources and opportunities (decentralized production/storage, self-consumption, producer-consumers, coupling between energy carriers…). Consequently, the organization and implementation of local energy scenarios involve a set of actors with their own missions and objectives (communities, distributors, energy suppliers, users…), each with specific expertise in the sector.

In addition, the context of digital transition and digitalization of the energy sector places these players at the heart of the management of data constrained by their environment (scope, regulation, business models, privacy…). A collective reflection for a generation of operational information from these parcel sources should allow a gain in energy efficiency.

the objective of ValaDoE, started in December 2018, is to exploit the potential of a collective approach to data analysis in order to generate information for the identification of territorial energy solutions. In a desire for operational results, this analysis is intended to be realistic in terms of the quality of the data and its availability.

Valaoe - données -> information

Internationals partners

Driving by IMT Atlantique, Valadoe crosses the expertise of field actors and that of three schools of Institut Mines Télécom, while providing a neutral framework for experimentation in knowledge and data sharing. In its current perimeter, the Chair brings together some of the field actors mentioned above (Région Pays de la Loire, Nantes Métropole, Enedis, Akajoule), three schools from l’IMT (IMT Atlantique, Mines Saint Etienne, Télécom Paris) and his foundation, with an articulation at the national and local levels for two of the partners (IMT and Enedis).

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IMT AtlantiqueMines St-EtienneTelecom Paris  Fondation IMT

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