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Optical technologies for the industry of the future

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Platform of Excellence for the Grandjean Mission

AragoAs a player in innovation and technology transfer for IMT Atlantique and the Institut Mines-Télécom in the field of optical technologies for the industry of the future, ARAGO hosts the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes laboratory and two companies, Orthoptica and Eyes3Shut, both spin-offs of IMT Atlantique. ARAGO received the CARNOT platform label in 2016

Unique resources in France

A unique technological sector in France: the P-G de Gennes laboratory, attached to the Optics department, has 2 clean rooms (class 100 and 1000) dedicated to optical technologies. Initially devoted to liquid crystal technologies and the design and production of micro-optics, its activity has been extended to conjugated polymers and opto-mechatronics

Types of technologies


Liquid crystal technology

Arago, technologie cristal liquide

Liquid crystals and liquid crystal polymers, with or without dopants (dichroic, chiral), in all possible configurations (fibrous, SLM, shutters, optical valves, etc.).

Micro-optical technology

Arago, technologie micro-optique

Modeling, design, prototyping, direct writing massively parallel (standard & multiphoton), nano-imprint replication, characterisation of optical micronano-structures for photonicse.

Organic electronics

Électronique organique

Functionalization of conjugated polymers, textile actuator devices. Organic conductive materials deposited by printing technique. Sensors for connected object.



3D Integration additive/subtractive manufacturing, self-alignment and tracking by micro-activators (MEMS), micro-manipulation and location of optical beams.

A specific technological environment, purpose-made arrangements

> From idea to implementation or a pilot production line.

What we offer

  • Setting up European projects acces to our network of plaforms in partnership with the INL (International iberian Nanotechnology Lab)
  • Design and industrialization study
  • Access to technical means of prototyping for industry
  • Support, development of intellectual property



Photo-traceur multi-photon (projet EU Phenomenon) for the production of sub-micron 3D diffraction structures

- quality control (spectro, profilo, MEB)

- flexible electronic connectors

- optical calculation software (free-form)




Labo AragoPilot proudction line for active skin on a plastic substrate

Multiple partnership opportunities

A few things we have done

In collaboration with SURYS
Design of security holograms for anti-counterfeiting and development of a pilot line for replication by UV nano-imprint, transferred to Surys

Holograms designed and carried out on mock-up of currencies by Surys

In collaboration with NEXTER
Implementation of a pilot production line for camouflage tiles based on the technology developed at IMT Atlantique, using liquid crystals.

The Nerva robot with active skin, presented at Eurosatory 2018, Forum innovation défense 2019 and Vivatech 2019 - TF1 8pm news on may 17,2019


In collaboration with the Mines of Saint-Etienne (Gardanne)
Design of an embedded eye tracking system in a scleral contact lens, integrating a flexible micro-battery (Cyborg-Kens)

Lentille de contact sclérate

Carnot TSN

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Principal investigators