Arago : A smart material and device platform for Industry

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An open acces technology platform

The platform is part of l'Alliance industrie du Futur, and aims to :

  • Bilateral research contracting (Carnot eligible).
  • Technological support and services (techno-push).
  • Technology derisking and proof of concepts.
  • Design of manufacturing machines.
  • Setting up of manufacturing pilot lines.
  • Engineer hosting and dedicated training
  • for company technical staff.
  • Transfer of know-how and patent licensing.
  • Intellectual property consolidation.


As a key player in innovation and technology transfer at IMT Atlantique and IMT, in the field of optical technologies, ARAGO houses a 220m2 laboratory with facilities that are unique in France.


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Optoélectronic : Tuner Laser

Arago, technologie cristal liquide

Electrophoretic Ink Infrared reflector

Arago, technologie micro-optique

Adaptative Micro-lens with liquid crystal

Électronique organique

Contact lens with electrochrom polymers


Flexible electronics

Arago, technologie cristal liquide

Printed RF devices

Arago, technologie micro-optique

Textile threads piezoresistive transducer

Électronique organique

Environmental sensors


And many other subjects ...

Some of the activities we do at IMT Atlantique

Micro-optics design and fabrication

Massively parallel direct-write photoplotter :

Massively parallel direct-write photoplotter

  • Projected 1920x1080 pixel LCD screen = reconfigurable mask.
  • 750nm address grid, ~1µm structures, ~1cm²/min.
  • Binary and multi-level (“2.5D”) structures.


UV nano-imprint replication in Ormocers

  • Hybrid : organic (photosensitivity) / inorganic (glass-like properties)
  • Resistance up to 270°C, insoluble alcohol, acetone, etc
  • Ecellent transparency 350nm-2500nm (UV, visible, IR)


Micro to Nano : The revolution of miniaturized thin optics

Miniaturized imaging systems : cell phones, laptops, vehicle cameras, microscopes; require that the optoelectronic, and optical components are scaled down



A wide range of partnership opportunities

Example of our work : Active skin for Nexter ICV

Design of an adaptative camouflage overhull


2014 : Elementary reflector

elementary reflector

2018 : Design with industrial partner of 100 CLC displays


2021: Test Board : Active skin with 360 optical shutters


Active skin

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Campus de Brest 

Technopôle Brest-Iroise - CS 83818 - 29 238 Brest Cedex 03

M. Alexandre.KhaldiOptics department

Projects associated to Arago


3D multi-photon (MPP) Polymer curing fabrication


Metasurface and metalens manufacturing challenges