Towards Public Blockchain for Self-Sovereign Identities
Approval no CE25-0001-01
Start: 2022
End: 2026

BC4SSI aims at studying and developing new public Blockchain paradigm to handle SSI with the weakest model assumptions.

Project’s objectives and research hypotheses

Digital identity is the foundation of trust. It is traditionally managed centrally within a given perimeter. On the contrary, Self-sovereign identities (SSI) are digital identities that are managed in a decentralized manner. This technology allows users to self-manage their digital identities without depending on third-party providers to store and centrally manage the data, including the creation of new identities. However, these identities are more than simple identifiers: they need to be checked by the service provider via, for instance, verifiable claims. Public Blockchain technology is a strong candidate to deploy SSI and store verifiable claims. Blockchain is indeed an extremely clever assembly of simple technological bricks, and according to the model assumptions, their combination gives rise to a large panel of blockchains.


LUDINARD Romaric from SRCD department

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