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Digital Innovation Hub Bretagne
Digital Europe Programme
Approval no 101083293
Start: 2022
End: 2025

One-stop shop to accelerate the digitization and Cybersecurity of SMEs/MCs/PSOs through training, test before invest, support to find investment and EU networking services

Region digital society, maritime, health, industrial applications and agri-food, through training, test before invest, support to find investment and EU networking services.It aims to boost regional R&D&I to increase the competitiveness of regional players by offering them new tools and the support they need.

For companies (mainly SMEs), this means ensuring their digital transformation by offering them a set of individual services that are part of a journey that begins with a maturity assessment and a digital diagnosis (including Cyber and/or AI) followed by an action plan, according to their needs. The services will be provided on an open, transparent and non-discriminatory basis. The project targets SMEs (>10 employees) as a priority, MCs (<3,000) and PSOs, for which the following criteria have been identified:

  1. a need to structure digital skills (new skills, innovative project implementation),
  2. an ability to progress/innovate, through digital, to gain in competitiveness and robustness,
  3. a market potential at least at national level. Increased use of digital technology will improve the sustainability of processes and products, in particular with regard to energy consumption and reduction of carbon emissions.

EDIH Bretagne will leverage our existing EU networks and co-create 15 EDIH corridors to setup collaborations, develop new services and exchange competencies with other EU EDIHs: relations will be created or strengthened with EDIHs specialized in Cybersecurity and those sharing same S3 strategic sectors.

Responding to new societal and consumer expectations, EDIH Bretagne will offer digital services that support green and societal transitions, in line with the BreizhCop regional strategy towards a secure and responsible digital economy.

Les partenaires :

  • Association images & reseaux
  • Bretagne developpement innovation
  • B-COM
  • Association de gestion du conservatoire national des arts et métiers de bretagne
  • Institut mines-telecom
  • Institut national de recherche en informatique et automatique
  • Pôle d'excellence cyber
  • 7 technopoles bretagne
  • Biotech sante bretagne


Europe This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme


Contact IMT Atlantique : Yann Busnel

from the SRCD Department

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