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An integrated observation system for sustainable ocean management EuroSea
Horizon 2020
Approval no 862626
Start: 2019
End: 2023

EuroSea works to improve the European ocean observing and forecasting system in a global context.

Oceanobserving is "big science" and cannot be solved by individual nations, it is necessary to ensure high-level integration for coordinated observations of tje ocean that can be sustained. In the long term EuroSea :

  • will strengthen the European and Global Ocean Observing System (EOOS and GOOS) and support its partners.
  • will increase the technology readiness levels (TRL) of critical components of ocean observations systems and tools, and in particular the TRL of the integrated ocean observing system.
  • EuroSea will improve: European and international coordination; design of the observing system adapted to European needs; in situ observing networks; data delivery; integration of remote and in-situ data; and forecasting capability.
  • will work towards integrating individual observing elements to an integrated observing system, and will connect end-users with the operators of the observing system and information providers.
  • will demonstrate the utility of the European Ocean Observing System through three demonstration activities focused on operational services, ocean health and climate, where a dialogue between actors in the ocean observing system will guide the development of the services, including market replication and innovation supporting the development of the blue economy.


The project is organized in 8 Work-Packages (WP) linked to each other in order to meet the vision of the project on the site : .


Les partenaires

Logos partenaires

Logos partenaires

The EuroSea project is financed by the European Union with 12.25 million euros under the following programs

  • SOCIETAL CHALLENGES - Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine, maritime and inland water research, and the bioeconomy
  • H2020-EU Climate change impact on marine ecosystems and maritime economy

EuroSea brings together key European actors of ocean observation and forecasting with key end users of ocean observations, responding to the Future of the Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative.

Our vision is a truly interdisciplinary ocean observing system that delivers the essential ocean information needed for the wellbeing, blue growth and sustainable management of the ocean. To consult the exhaustive list of partners and the associated financial amounts, visit


Europe This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme