Laser Ionisation Mass Separation for Environmental and Health Applications
Projet CPER
Approval no 202209889
Start: 2022
End: 2027


The objective of the SMILES project is to implement at IMT Atlantique within the SUBATECH laboratory the technique of laser ionization coupled with mass separation in order to quantify, purify or separate isotopes. After selective ionization by laser in the source, the ions created will be sent to a spectrometer which will discriminate them according to their mass: the device will thus make it possible to carry out experiments (analyses, isotopic separations) on stable isotopes or radioisotopes with very low activities. One of the originalities of our project concerns the development of several ion source techniques, allowing a great variety in the initial shape of the sample that can be used. It will allow to address various applications in the field of health and environment, of interest for partners in the area (OSUNA, ARRONAX, IMN, etc.) and beyond (CERN, University of Mainz, Leuven, etc.).

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