TRANSition in Food – Energy – Ecology
Projet CPER
Start: 2022
End: 2027

TRANSFEE concerns the acquisition of cutting-edge equipment positioned on the major challenges of tomorrow's industry in the fields of environmental, energy and food transitions. By reinforcing the GEPEA's platforms and technical platforms and by positioning this equipment on a common objective carried by the two different GEPEA supervisors (Nantes University, IMT-Atlantique, ONIRIS, CNRS), TRANSFEE aims to increase scientific excellence while providing concrete solutions on several key issues that are the sober and optimized management of (bio)resources, the preservation of environmental quality (air-water), the material-energy covalorization of residues or industrial waste, and the exploitation of marine resources and in particular microalgae. The TRANSFEE project also consolidates the relationship between research and training by sharing training at all levels (e.g.: BUT, Engineering School, International Master, continuing education).


Professor Yves ANDRES of the DSEE department

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