Research issues

The research conducted at IMT Atlantique links fundamental research with the development of solutions and technologies for industry and society in the areas of environmental, energy, digital, industrial and health transitions.


IMT Atlantique is developing active collaborations with numerous socio-economic players (large groups, SMEs, SMIs) as well as with regional development players (Bretagne and Pays de la Loire , IRT B<>COM and Jules Verne, competitiveness clusters).

The fields of application covered by the research conducted at IMT Atlantique are

 Industrie du futur  Énergie  Environnement  Mer  Santé et dépendance  Securité et sûreté des systèmes  Défense

Transport du futur  Télécom  Villes et territoires


IMT Atlantique is committed to making research accessible to all and is part of the Open Science movement.

IMT Atlantique, also concerned with respecting internationally recognized ethical principles in research involving human beings, allows each researcher concerned to seek the advice of the CICPPR

Fundamental research transition
Recherche fondamentale