Health transition

IMT Atlantique covers a broad spectrum in the field of engineering for health. This ranges from the design and development of medical devices such as the study of radio-elements produced with the ARRONAX cyclotron, or XEMIS for 3-photon gamma imaging or the connected knee prostheses developed at the RHU FellowKnee, to the development of diagnostic radioisotopes.


The theme also includes the modeling of new e-Health solutions from the economic perspective in terms of societal impact, to the evaluation of medical technologies and innovation in the organization of health services. Finally, our work focuses on digital medical data security, data science and medical decision support, interventional surgery support via image processing and augmented or virtual reality, as well as functional or orthoptic rehabilitation.


  • Santé du futur
  • Santé du futur - Tesmarac
  • Santé du futur - connectée
  • Santé du futur - prothèse
  • Santé du futur - données
  • Santé du futur - Cyclotron

Research Consortia (Chaires)

Some partners

  • GIS BEACHILD, child rehabilitation
  • GIS VITTORIA, Big data & health
  • LabEx CAMI, CominLabs, IRON
  • LabCom ADMIRE with Evolucare Technologie, SEPEMED with MEDECOM, TESMARAC with Triskem International

Les projets de recherche


The connected knee prosthesis project



Handicap Innovation Territoire : Make disability a lever for social and technological innovation at the service of citizens.


Knowledge sharing in Medical Imaging


Personalised, preventive, predictive and participatory medicine applied to diabetes


Modelling the induction of social Stress in Immersive Virtual rEality Simulations

  • Projet Anr


ONCOlogy big data SHAring for Research : development of a common patient-centred big data in oncology


Combatting isolation using ICT

  • CPER