Industrial transition

The scope of the industrial transition theme ranges from Industry 4.0 to man-machine interfaces and augmented reality. It includes artificial intelligence and human factors, digital factories or production lines, reconfigurability and adaptability of production systems based on scheduling, production and maintenance planning, and bio-inspired robotics as well as robust and reliable control methods.

In addition, maintaining and controling flow (data, energy, materials) in industry is at the heart of industrial transition issues. Finally, it also includes the study of market and company structures, measuring the impact of digitalization and the management of change, as well as risk assessment and resilience.

  • Transition industrielle
  • Transition industrielle - Naomod
  • Transition industrielle - cybersécurité
  • Transition industrielle - bio-inspiration
  • Transition industrielle - automatique et système physique

Research Consortia (Chaires)

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Research projects


LeArning and robuSt deciSIon SupporT sytem for agile mANufacTuring environnements

  • Projet H2020


Digital infrastructure of tomorrow

  • National project


Laser Manufacturing of 3D nanostructured optics using Advanced Photochemistry

  • H2020 project