Irisa (Research Institute of Computer Science and Random Systems)


Irisa is a joint research laboratory in ITinformation technology, automation, signal and image processing and robotics. At the meeting point of these themes, Irisa is positioned as the major research laboratory in Brittany.
Associated with seven governing bodies (CNRS, ENS Rennes, Inria, Insa Rennes, Institut Mines-TélécomIMT Atlantique, University of South Brittany, University of Rennes 1) and one partner institute (Supélec), this Breton Brittany laboratory is building a research hub of excellence in information and communication science and technology.



Irisa: presentation

The director of Irisa is Jean-Marc Jézéquel, lecturer at the University of Rennes 1. He was recently awarded the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) silver medal for research work in the field of "Software science".

Mainly located in Rennes, on the Beaulieu campus, Irisa is also present in Vannes (UBS), in Lannion (ENSAT, IUT) and Brest (IMT Atlantique).

The laboratory hosts 750 people and 41 teams spread over seven departments.  The focus is on scientific priorities such as bioinformatics, system security, new sofware architecture (Manycores, Cloud computing) and virtual reality. Areas explored include digital technology in the health, environmental, transport, multimedia and industrial sectors.

Irisa departments

Irisa is organised around seven thematic departments:

  • D1: Large Scale Systems
    Head of department: Jean-Louis Pazat (INSA Rennes), Martin Quinson (ENS Rennes)
  • D2: Networks, Telecommunication and Services
    Head of department: Jean-Marie Bonnin (Telecom Bretagne) L2:
  • D3: Architecture
    Head of department: Olivier Sentieys (University of Rennes 1)
  • D4: Language and Software Engineering
    Head of department: Benoît Caillaud (Inria)
  • D5: Digital Signals and Images, Robotics
    Head of department: Frédéric Bimbot (CNRS)
  • D6: Media and Interactions
    Head of department: Bertrand Couasnon (INSA Rennes)
  • D7: Data and Knowledge Management
    Head of department: Olivier Ridoux (University of Rennes 1)


In 2012, Telecom Bretagne, which became IMT Atlantique on the 1st of January 2017, became part of Irisa.

In 2012, three research teams from IMT Atlantique joined the IRISA laboratory: the IRISA : the OCIF and ADOPNET teams in the "Network, telecommunications and services" department, and the PASS team in the "Language software engineering" department. These IMT Atlantique research teams are part of the IT and Networks, Security and Multimedia departments.

The integration of network teams has led to the doubling in size of Irisa's "Networks, telecommunications and services" department which, in a context of increasing computerisation of telecommunication infrastructures, is making new goals attainable. Furthermore, the development within the department of activities related to Internet of things has made it possible to be present in fields such as intelligent cities or industries of the future.

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