Doctorates at IMT Atlantique

A doctorate, or PhD, is a 3-year project on a disciplinary or interdisciplinary subject, through which you can discover different environments thanks to a variety of partners (companies, French and/or foreign academics). We offer doctoral programs with corporate partners, including Cifre contracts, as well as with international academic partners, including dual-degree formats and more traditional PhD courses.

PhD students at IMT Atlantique are accompanied by our scientists along with various partners in order to acquire high-level scientific and professional skills.

They also benefit from a diversified high-level environment thanks to IMT Atlantique's research collaborations and international agreements with academic partners and companies.


PhD programs: Key figures

  • 300 PhD students
    16% dual degrees and 20% CIFRE contracts
  • 56% international students
    mainly from North Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America
  • 25% women

Répartition par école doctorale

  • 75 graduates per year

Post-graduate employment:

  • 40 - 45% in companies, 90% of which are permanent contracts
  • 20% in academia as post-doc or lecturer
  • 20% working abroad for French PhDs and 50% working abroad for international PhDs.

The doctoral program will help you with your future academic career, as well as careers in industry or in the innovation sector. Should you wish to start your own business the incubator is here to help.

The Doctoral Schools support international mobility with international academic partners.

IMT Atlantique : 30 doctoral specialities


Note: If at least one semester has been spent in another member country of the European Community, you can obtain a European label in addition to your doctorate.

PhD degree

Diplôme de doctorat

Admission requirements and thesis offers


Tuition fees and campus life


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