Innovation and Economic Development

IMT Atlantique missioned to develop the economy in the territory by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital Technology in addition to its teaching and research missions. Within this framework, we have developed specific programs in the transfer of technology, validation of intellectual property and technical expertise for businesses.


IMT Atlantique is part of two major academic Carnot Institutes

Carnot TSN
Institut Carnot TSN
(Télécom et Société Numérique)

Carnot M.I.N.E.S
Institut Carnot M.I.N.E.S
(Méthodes InNovantes pour l'Entreprise et la Société)

IMT Atlantique is part of two major academic Carnot Institutes which have provided tools and methods to professionalize relations in research and innovation with Industrial partners.

Intellectual property

Regarding the protection of intellectual property, IMT Atlantique has created strategic partnerships with businesses and organisations (ARMINES, SATT Ouest Valorisation and France Brevets) for commercialization of patents and software programmes. For example, an agreement with Orange (formerly France Telecom), on turbo codes, was the object of numerous operating licences in the field of mobiles and satellites, and the patent on Beta Imager was used by the startup AI4R.

Competitive hubs

IMT Atlantique is involved in competitive hubs (see the table below).

Pôle  Secteur
Images and Networks Telecommunications
Mer Bretagne Atlantique Marine
EMC2 Advanced menufacturing technologies
DREAM Sustainability of water resources and aquatic environment
iD4CAR Transport
Hub of Cyber Excellence Security

We are also involved in Institutes Research (ITR) and Institutes of Energy Transition (IET). See the table below.

Institut Nom Secteur
IRT Jules Verne Industry
IRT B<>Com Telecommunications
ITE France Energies Marines Energy, Marine

This involvement in hubs and institutes allows the university to maintain strong relationships with the industrial sector and validate its innovations and technological breakthroughs within the framework of partnerships with businesses.

Research consortia (chaires)

IMT Atlantique manages ten chairs within the framework of industrial partnerships. See the table below.

Chaire Partenaires Secteur
Cyber defence of naval systems École Navale
Naval Group
Région Bretagne
IT security in the naval field
Cyber Security in Critical Infrastructures Orange 
BNP Paribas
La Poste
Airbus Defense & Space
Société Générale
Région Bretagne
IT security in industry and services
Pracom (Advanced communications research hub) Orange Labs
Turbo concept
Merce (Mitsubishi)
Interface Concept
Zodiac Aerospace
Naval Group
Ineo Défense
MVG (Ex Satimo)
Storage EDF
Radioactive waste storage
RESOH (Research in safety, organisation, people IRSN
Naval Group
Safety in inter-organisational relations
C2M Télécom ParisTech
Fondation Télécom
Modelisation and characterisation of exposition to electromagnetic waves
MERITE Assystem
PIA Future Investment Programme)
Pays de la Loire regional council
Initial and further training in the field of scientific/technical and industrial culture
DAHER   Modélisation multi-physique des couplages mécaniques/thermiques et irradiation dans les matériaux
RITE Région Pays de la Loire De la gestion technologique à la régulation sociale
SmartGRID Texas Instrument
Réseaux d'énergies


IMT Atlantique has also developed joint laboratories with industrial partners for developing innovative solutions for their products and services. Within the framework of its research and innovation activities with businesses, IMT has also developed (or contributed to developing) platforms for experimentation in innovative concepts in many fields (mobile or wireless communications, optical technology, man-machine interfaces, sub-marine acoustic communications, satellite and other radar imaging, energy from industrial residues (PREVER), treatment of air toxics (SAFEAIR), constraint programming (CHOCO) and cyclotron (ARRONAX).