The MSCA ITN 2018 project Lowcomote will train a generation of experts that will upgrade the current trend of Low-code development platforms (LCPDs) to a new paradigm, Lowcode Engineering Platforms (LCEPs).

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AI-augmented automation for efficient DevOps, a model-based framework for continuous development At RunTime in cyber-physical systems

The overall objective of e-VITA is to improve well-being in older adults in Europe and Japan  and thereby promote active and healthy ageing, contribute to independent living, and reduce risks of social exclusion of older adults.


Modelling the Induction of Social Stress in Immersive Virtual rEatity Simulations

MISSIVES proposed to study the processes underlying the induction of stress in virtual social interactions.

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Turbo decoding with Less Energy, Area and more Parallelism for higher throughput

xCALE (eXplaining Competency and Autonomy development in Learning Environments) project proposes to develop, experiment and evaluate a generic approach that allows to provide a personalized and interpretable support for skills acquisition and self-regulated learning.


LeArning and robuSt deciSIon SupporT systems for agile mANufacTuring environments


Cybersécurité des infrastructures critiques

Le projet vise à construire un programme fédérateur à l'échelle de la région Bretagne en recherche, formation et innovation, qui s'adosse sur des plateformes d'expérimentation et de test des usages.



Pôle de ressources et de traitement pour la constitution d'un observatoire spatial régional portant sur des applications terrestres et maritimes.