Other research synergies

Laboratories of excellence and interest groups

Our laboratories of excellence encourage the emergence of ambitious and internationally visible scientific projects, carried out by laboratories or groups of laboratories, as well as enhancing innovative facilities.

Scientific Interest Groups (GIS) aim to bring together scientific skills and financial resources on a given theme around a common research project, in a flexible way, while also creating a learning organisation.

The particularity of a Public Interest Grouping (GIP) is that it has at least one public partner with a specific objective that must respond to a non-profit mission of general interest.

Laboratories of excellence

Scientific, educational and developmental aspects

  • CAMI Health improvement of intervention and planning tools
  • CominLabs Digital and Human Sciences
  • IRON Health innovative radiopharmaceuticals in oncology and neurology


  • BEaCHILD Paediatric rehabilitation
  • CORMORANT Maritime technologies
  • M@RSOUIN Use of ICT
  • PERLE Energie
  • VITTORIA Health and Big Data



Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Effects on Inert and Living Matter.  

Research contracts and/or public or private services