BRAIn: Better Representations for Artificial Intelligence


BRAIN is a research team of Lab-STICC (CNRS UMR 6285) hosted at IMT Atlantique and part of the Mathematical and Electrical Engineering (MEE) department. The purpose of BRAIn is to investigate key questions at the crossbreed of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Signal Processing, with applications using images, sounds, text and more complex domains including neuroimaging data.

As of 2024, these questions include:

  • Thrifty AI, or how to find efficient representations in the low data regime (typically few-shot or few-label learning)
  • Compression of AI, or how to find efficient representations to lower the demand in computations and energy of AI systems, typically for AI on edge
  • Geometry and AI, or how to leverage the geometry of latent spaces or input domains to better adapt and monitor AI systems

These questions have applications in multiple domains, that can summed up in three items:

  • Computer Vision
  • Neuroimagery, Cognitive Neurosciences and Biomedical Data
  • Sound and other temporal signals

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