Research team RAMBO

RAMBO : Robot interaction, Ambient system, Machine learning, Behaviour, Optimization

RAMBO is a research team of Lab-STICC (CNRS UMR 6285) which brings together researchers from ENIB, UBS and IMT Atlantique. We study how ambient devices and robots can build increasingly complex skills based on active learning, artificial curiosity and incremental learning, to allow continuous lifelong learning of robots in open and connected environments and in interaction with humans.

Applications include the development of services for dependent persons (due to age or disabilities) to continue to get involved and to live at home in their environment. The team is part of the pole Interaction and participates to the Artificial Intelligence transversal program of Lab-STICC.

Another specificity of the team is the presence of a dedicated research platform for dependent persons: the Experiment'HAAL living-labs

The team is also involved in the industrial Chaire (French research consortium) Maintien@Domicile (The Chaire web site)