Image and information processing

Head of Department: : Basel Solaiman
courriel :

Assistant: Corinne Le Lann
tel: 02 29 00 13 79
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The Image and Information Processing Department of Telecom Bretagne brings together a team of specialists in information processing, particularly pertaining to signal processing, medical imaging and environmental imaging.
The Department is developing innovative methods of information processing, classification, image segmentation, 3D reconstruction and multi-sensor fusion.


Research in the IIP department

Concerning the research, the IIP department remains a leader in terms of scientific production and the number of PhD students. The reputation of its research-lecturers means that it contributes greatly to the prestige of the School (joint laboratories, Scientific Interest Groupes, participation in national research proceedings: INSERM, RNTS, RISC). The scientific activities of the department are centred on shared methodological and scientific bases, and cover three fields of development: